Glass Bottom Boat Tour

Glass Bottom Boat Tour

Glass bottom boat tours allow you to enjoy viewing the spectacular coral and marine life of the reef without even entering the ocean. This makes it perfect for non-swimmers or those who just want to view the Great Barrier Reef from a different perspective.

Glide across the Great Barrier Reef in our open-air glass bottom boat and see corals and fish in every shade of the spectrum through the large glass panels.

As the reef is only 0.5-3 metres under the glass, the tour offers a clear and close-up view of hard and soft corals, giant clams, anemones and more. Watch in awe as a variety of colourful tropical fish swim under the glass bottom boat, including yellow tail fusiliers, blue tailed garfish, butterfly fish and many more. You may even spot a green sea turtle or a white spotted reef shark!

Enjoy a full commentary from one of our marine experts as they educate you on the Great Barrier Reef and the various inhabitants that you spot during the tour.

The tour lasts 20 minutes and departs regularly throughout the duration of your time at the reef Marine Base. Best of all it is a free inclusion in your day at the reef and you can take unlimited rides!

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