Fish Feeding Presentation

Great Barrier Reef Fish Feeding Presentation

Here Come The Fish!

Included in your Moore Reef & Arlington Reef Great Barrier Reef tour!

Watch an array of fish come to life and congregate our Great Barrier Reef fish feeding presentation.

The presentation begins at the northern end of our Marine Base, as our marine expert sprinkles fish food into the water. Watch as the feeding frenzy commences and spot colourful fish such as yellow tail fusiliers, blue tailed garfish and angel fish. Our giant puffer fish, Pugly often makes an appearance at our fish feeding presentation, alongside red bass and giant trevally. The local Moore Reef celebrity, Wally the Maori wrasse, may even make an appearance!

Our marine expert will tell you all about the fish you are seeing, before leading you down into our underwater observatory to give you a marine life presentation of the fish as you watch them underwater.