Great Barrier Reef Snorkelling

Explore One of The Seven Wonders Of The World

Due to the corals proximity to our Marine Base, our Great Barrier Reef snorkelling is great for swimmers of all abilities. Not snorkelled before? Take a life vest and snorkel closely to the Marine Base. Guided snorkel tours are also available for those who are not confident snorkelling on their own.

Our friendly team are also happy to teach you how to use your snorkel equipment and assist you in fitting your mask and fins.

All snorkel equipment is included in your reef trip, including snorkel, fins, mask and life vest. lycra suits, wet suits and prescription masks are also available to hire.

Moore Reef: Great Barrier Reef Snorkelling

When it comes to Great Barrier Reef snorkelling, it doesn't get much better than our Moore Reef snorkelling area! A whopping 300 square metres of pristine hard and soft corals and home to hundreds of marine life species, the snorkel area offers the best the outer Great Barrier Reef has to offer.

Due to Moore Reef's crystal clear visibility and shallow depth of 1-4 metres, you can truly experience the splendor of the Great Barrier Reef whilst staying on the waters surface. Glide along our snorkel area and explore intricate mosaics of colourful coral, including boulder corals, coral bommies and staghorn corals. The outer edge of our snorkel area features a breathtaking coral drop off and reminds you of the sheer grandeur and size of the Great Barrier Reef.

At Moore Reef, your Great Barrier Reef snorkelling adventure is sure to be full of many animals on your Australian bucketlist, including Nemo (clown fish), green sea turtles and our resident giant Maori wrasse, Wally. Dive in off our Moore Reef snorkel platform into dozens of colourful yellow tail fusiliers, spot giant clams and relax and listen to the sound of parrot fish crunch on coral within metres of you.

Located just off our Moore Reef Marine Base, our designated Great Barrier Reef snorkelling area is designed with your safety in mind. The roped area is equipped with four rest spots for you to relax and re-energize during your snorkelling adventure. A trained life guard is always on watch from an elevated life guard station.

Arlington Reef: Great Barrier Reef Snorkelling

Our Arlington Reef snorkelling area is special not just because of it's location, but because of it's unique marine ecosystem of colourful soft corals.

The stunning reef is located just a few metres from our Arlington Reef Marine Base, making it easily accessible for swimmers of all abilities.

As well as an abundance of soft corals, on your Great Barrier Reef snorkelling tour you are likely to see colourful giant clams, clown fish (Nemo), sea cucumbers, vibrant sea stars, spotted sting rays and an array of fish in every shade of the spectrum. Swim through giant stunning schools of shimmering bait fish and see if you are lucky enough to spot a manta ray.

Our large and spacious Great Barrier Reef snorkelling area is home to various resting stations with exciting marine life to spot just below the surface.

Grab our complimentary snorkel equipment and get ready to dive in and explore!