Touch Tank Presentation

Great Barrier Reef Touch Tank Presentation

Get Up Close & Personal With Marine Life

Activity included in your Moore Reef & Arlington Reef Great Barrier Reef Tour!

Ever wondered what a sea cucumber felt like? Wanted to get a close up view of a pineapple sea cucumber? Our Great Barrier Reef touch tank presentation offers all of this and more!

This 15 minute interactive Great Barrier Reef touch tank presentation is ran by one of our marine biologists, who will show you a variety of marine critters who call Moore Reef home. Commonly shown marine life include blue sea stars, pineapple sea cucumbers, black sea cucumbers and trochorus shell. The marine biologist will invite you to touch the creatures and will educate you on the creatures' habitat, diet and other interesting facts.

Ask a member of staff about the days schedule on the day of your trip to find out the time of the touch tank presentation.