Arlington Reef Untouched

Arlington Reef is one of the largest and healthiest reef systems in the Great Barrier Reef having been untouched for 20 years.

In 2017, we carefully placed a fully-equipped marine base just metres from the reef, custom built so guests can absorb the experience of this special reef from within its turquoise waters or from the comfort of the shaded Marine Base.

An express 90 minute ride on our air-conditioned catamaran takes you directly to Arlington Reef for 3.5 HOURS ON THE REEF! Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and activities, it is the ideal way to view its bright, vibrant varieties of soft and hard corals and fascinating underwater community unique to Arlington Reef. Giant clams are plentiful as well as bright blue starfish and striped Batfish. Here you will also see soft intricate corals not found in many other reef locations.

Arlington Reef is a very shallow reef that remains submerged even at low tide, which aids strong coral growth and also means that the reef is bathed in light at both high and low tide. This, combined with the clarity of the azure waters means that even those who don’t wish to get wet can still enjoy stunning views of the coral and marine life.

With nothing but cerulean waters and blue sky as far as the eye can see, Arlington Reef is a very personal, exclusive experience, with plenty of space for you to explore at your own pace. Better yet, a trip to Arlington Reef comes complete with a masseuse, so you can experience the bliss of a neck and shoulder massage while overlooking the Great Barrier Reef.

Private Charters

Arlington Reef is home to Sunlover’s dedicated charter Marine Base. As a charterer you have exclusive use of the reef and facilities with a choice of timing, menu, branding and entertainment on the world’s first dedicated venue moored on the Great Barrier Reef. Perfect for corporate functions, tour groups, celebrations, and even weddings!