Meet Sunny the Sunlover Sponsored Green Sea Turtle

Last year, Sunlover wanted to acknowledge the outstanding efforts of our crew who work hard every day to ensure all of our guests have a wonderful, safe experience discovering the magic of the Great Barrier Reef.

What better way to reward our team of passionate marine experts than to sponsor a turtle in the care of the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre?

Now named 'Sunny' our sponsored Green Sea Turtle and a sibling were only a day or two old when they were discovered washed up on the shores of Fitzroy Island. Sunny was initially not expected to survive but under the expert care of co-founder Jennie Gilbert and the volunteers at the Turtle Rehab he pulled through and is now thriving along with his sibling ‘Tilly’.

Currently residing at James Cook University in Cairns, Sunny is served a daily diet of prawns, squid and lettuce. Thriving in this environment he has graduated to a larger tank with about 15 fish friends for enrichment.

Once Sunny is released in about a year, he and Tilly will be two of the very few turtles that will be monitored and tracked at a very young age.

Typically the ages of 5-10 are called ‘lost years’ until they return to coastal waters to forage as juveniles. Until this time following sea turtles’ movements during this phase is difficult and their whereabouts are often unknown, but a small tracker fitted upon their release will enable valuable information to be gathered during this period and contribute to protecting this endangered species.

You can learn more about the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre here and scheduled tours are run at the centre on Fitzroy Island and Cairns Aquarium. Please also consider donating to this amazing non-profit centre staffed purely by volunteers, or even consider sponsoring a turtle while it is rehabilitated!  

*Hero image thanks to Tourism & Events Queensland