Great Barrier Reef on Instagram

Forget hashtags and filters, when it comes to the 'Gram, it's all about the 'c' word: content!

With rainbows of colourful fish, adorable turtles, mermaidian coral drop-offs and more bikini backgrounds than a Seafolly campaign, The Great Barrier Reef is quite literally the most instagrammable place in Australian oceans.

Alongside this, the GBR is the ultimate bucket list trip! So, if you are thinking of heading out on a Cairns Reef trip, or are a local looking to up your Instagram feed, the Great Barrier Reef is a fantastic place to capture travel memories, try out your underwater photography skills, and live out your inner Ariel dreams.

These #Sunloverreefcruises Instagram shots will fill you with so much wanderlust that you will literally want to run to the airport, fly to Cairns, grab a snorkel & head straight out to the reef. 

Get ready to pack your sunscreen, swimmers and selfie stick, here's the ultimate Great Barrier Reef Instagram shots...

The Slide Into Paradise

Although slides may have an 'expiry age' of 12 years old, our Great Barrier Reef waterslide turns even the most sensible of Sunlovers into Peter Pan! Sliding from our double story pontoon and into one of the Seven Natural Wonders of The World is pretty insane!

This Instagram shot by @danni_jeziorska captures our unique Great Barrier Reef pontoon perfectly. From colourful corals visible from the oceans glassy surface, to our towering floating theme park, this dreamy shot is enough to make any one's inner child stamp there feet and scream 'I wanna go there!'

The Gentle Giant Selfie

Rottnest Island has the quokka selfie, Australia Zoo has the kangaroo selfie and on the Great Barrier Reef, it's all about that Maori Wrasse selfie! 

Although he may look huge and intimidating, our resident Maori Wrasse "Wally" is the definition of a gentle giant. He adores human interaction and can often be found lurking just off our Moore Reef snorkel platform waiting for his next set of potential pals to come and say hello! Luckily, he's not camera shy, so getting a photo with this guy is easier than it looks.

The Underwater Wonderland

When the sea is so still that it becomes some sort of tranquil mirror, underwater photographs can become works of art that look so surreal that they could have been plucked from a dream.

@Scottruzzene perfectly captured Moore Reef's pristine coral garden and it's resident sea turtle Linda. The reflection alone is enough to make us want to hang this image up in our living room.

The Mother Nature's Glory

Although the Great Barrier Reef may not be immediately associated with stunning sunsets, this shot taken on our Sunlover by Starlight overnight reef trip shows that mother nature really does put on a show both above and below the water!

Sunlover by Starlight allows you to finish your day on the Great Barrier Reef beneath a vibrant cocktail of violet and crimson, before the sky slowly transforms into a twinkling of infinite stars.

The next morning, photography buffs and I-phone snappers alike will be blown away by the sunrise over The Great Barrier Reef, before jumping in and exploring the largest living organism on the globe.

The Ariel

Once upon a time, many little girls dreamed of living under the sea, being besties with Sebastian and Flounder and living in an underwater castle. Fast forward to adult life and everything seems far too sensible, but there's still that little bit of inner Ariel just begging to come out.

The Great Barrier Reef provides the perfect backdrop to live out your Ariel dreams. Snorkel amongst intricate mazes of coral and befriend marine life in every shade of the rainbow. Why not get some gorgeous Instagram shots while you're at it? After all, #mermaidenvy is a legitimate thing.

The Birdseye

It's hard to imagine the sheer size of The Great Barrier Reef, that is, until you fly above it! Make like a seabird and take a scenic helicopter flight over the reef and watch the intricate coral gardens transform into a grand painting of azure and emerald.

Scenic helicopter flights are a great way for those with a dry camera or phone to get fantastic shots. Snap away and let the sheer grandeur of the Great Barrier Reef do the talking!

The At One With Nature

Picture this: walking into the water of the Great Barrier Reef as the sun begins to rise, glancing out at the endless water, feeling completely at one with Mother Nature. This once in a life time moment could be yours on our Sunlover By Starlight overnight experience.

Stunning skies, watery reflections and lack of crowds make this shot by @mycolourfulworld the epitome of #travelgoals.

The Turtle-y Awesome

When you spot a turtle on the Great Barrier Reef, you really feel like shell-ebrating! What better way to enjoy this moment than to make it in-fin-ite with an underwater photo!

We recommend only taking a few snaps though, nothing can beat getting truly lost in the experience of watching a sea turtle glide underwater...

Ready for the ultimate Instagram-worthy experience? Book onto our Moore Reef full day Great Barrier Reef Tour today!