Slippery Additions to Arlington

The Queensland Government announced it has partnered with Sunlover by providing matched funding to expand and enhance our marine tourism infrastructure at Arlington Reef to enrich visitor experiences on the Great Barrier Reef.

The current Marine Base at Arlington was extensively refurbished in 2017, and launched in 2018 as the first dedicated charter events venue on the Great Barrier Reef, receiving worldwide media coverage and tourism industry interest. The assistance provided by the Queensland Government will fast track the addition of two theme park waterslides. One will be a circular turbo slide similar to the one already at Moore Reef, and the other, a two person slide modeled on the sack slides of Australian agricultural shows, sure to strike a feeling of nostalgia amongst our older guests.

In 2017, Sunlover added the first waterslide on the Great Barrier Reef to our two-story deluxe Moore Reef Marine Base. The ‘Sunlover Sunslide’ was an immediate hit, luring visitors from around the world, and has demonstrated that innovative reef experiences can be created while having the utmost respect for the precious marine environment. It is anticipated that the addition of two Sunlover Sunslides at Arlington Reef will assist in drawing more visitors to the region, as well as providing local jobs during the construction and ongoing operations.

Design work has already started on the Sunslides and are expected to be ready for use in early 2020. An artist’s impression will be available in coming weeks.

Sunlover Sunslide at Moore Reef Marine Base.