Arlington Reef Marine Base

Arlington Reef is one of the largest reef systems in the Great Barrier Reef. Its large ring-like reef has been untouched by mass tourism for 20 years and is home to many varieties of hard and soft coral, rarely seen elsewhere.

In just 90 minutes on our high speed, air-conditioned catamarans you can travel to the newly refurbished Marine Base which is situation 46km from Cairns. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and activities, it is the ideal way to view its bright, vibrant varieties of soft and hard corals and fascinating underwater community unique to the Arlington Reef.

Arlington remains submerged even at low tide which aids in strong coral growth and also means that this comparatively shallow reef is bathed in light at both high and low tide giving extra atmosphere to one of nature’s most exciting light shows. It is also renowned for the clarity of its azure waters that are superior to other regions, so that even those who don’t wish to get wet, can still enjoy a stunning views of the coral and marine life.

Arlington Reef Marine Base is the one and only dedicated charter venue on the Great Barrier Reef. It is an exclusive, prestigious reef location that is only available upon demand.

The base is 45 metres long, with a capacity of approximately 300 people. It is situated just metres from the reef, and the plentiful covered seating is prime position to look out over the turquoise waters and mosaic of the corals.

The boat docks alongside the base and gangplanks provide seamless access between base and air-conditioned vessel.

Arlington Reef Marine Base features:

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