Covid Safe

Over the past 30 years of operation, the health, safety and well-being of our passengers has always been central to everything we do at Sunlover. Our team takes the current coronavirus pandemic very seriously, and we’ve implemented a range of additional safety measures to enhance our outstanding safety record. You can enjoy peace of mind on every exciting journey we embark on to the beautiful Outer Reef.


Hand sanitiser is available at a range of areas throughout our operations and we have restricted contact between staff as much as possible! We encourage contactless payments when possible and we follow COVID-19 hygiene standards recommended by Queensland Health at all times.

Lunch service

We’ve made some changes to our food service in compliance with new COVID Safe regulations. Our delicious lunch packs are prepared locally fresh every day. Each guest receives their own food hamper to keep energy levels high so they can enjoy all of the activities available at our Pontoon.

Social distancing

From your check-in through to disembarking at the completion of your journey, we ensure social distancing measures are in place. We have reduced the number of passengers on each trip to allow for required social distancing, along with limited numbers of passengers in every section of our vessel and pontoon.


As per normal procedure, all snorkelling and dive equipment is given a thorough deep clean each day. The equipment is allocated to one passenger for their exclusive use during their entire trip. The vessel also undergoes an intensive deep clean continuously throughout the journey and at the end of each visit.

Contact tracing

Relevant passenger details are logged to comply with contact tracing regulations and each passenger is screened by our team prior to boarding.


Our Crew have undergone training so they fully understand the requirements of a COVID Safe vessel and are fully aware of how to mitigate risk to make your visit to the Great Barrier Reef as safe and enjoyable as possible.

Our COVID Safe Plan complies with Queensland Tourism Industry Council’s (QTIC) current best practice standards and measures for COVID-19 risk mitigation. This plan is regularly reviewed to ensure its continued compliance with Queensland Heath regulations and recommendations. We also follow the advice of Tourism Tropical North Queensland and Tourism and Events Queensland so that we are aware of any changes that need to be made to our plan.

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