The Great Barrier Reef For Non Swimmers

The Great Barrier Reef For Non Swimmers

Dream of seeing the Great Barrier Reef but can't swim? Fear not! There's many activities on the Great Barrier Reef for non swimmers. From seeing colourful coral gardens from a glass bottom boat, to helmet diving, here's a guide to the Great Barrier Reef for non swimmers.

Glass Bottom Boat

great barrier reef glass bottom boat tour sunlover reef cruises

For most, the Great Barrier Reef is a bucketlist destination because of it's colourful coral gardens. A glass bottom boat tour is a great way to see the Great Barrier Reef for non swimmers and you can spot an array of hard and soft corals from the comfort of a dry seat!

Glass bottom boat tours are also a fantastic way to spot iconic Great Barrier Reef marine life such as turtles, parrot fish, giant clams and more!

Semi-Submersible Tours

semi submersible great barrier reef tour the great barrier reef for non swimmers sunlover reef cruises

Who said you had to swim to be underwater? A semi-submersible tour takes you below the surface of the big blue and allows you to have a 'fish eye' perspective of the Great Barrier Reef's resident marine life.

If the thought of swimming over coral drop off turns you into a wobbling mess, don't fret! Our Moore Reef semi-submersible tour, which is included in your cruise, shows you the vast and beautiful coral drop offs and the interesting marine life that inhabit them.

Great Barrier Reef Guided Snorkel Tour

great barrier reef guided snorkel tour sunlover reef cruises

"Snorkelling?", I hear you gasp with sweat dripping down your face. Hear me out here; snorkelling doesn't necessarily require the strongest swimmer. As a matter of fact, many customers who have experienced our Great Barrier Reef guided snorkelling tour couldn't swim at all!

Our guided snorkel tours are perfect for non-swimmers who want to see the best of The Great Barrier Reef. Our experienced marine expert will pull you along on a life ring, whilst you float in a life jacket and peer below at the incredible marine life.

Best of all, group size is limited to six and our guide takes you to an exclusive area outside the designated snorkelling area. That means there's plenty of space for you to explore safely and securely.

Scenic Helicopter Flight

scenic helicopter flights over the great barrier reef

Looking for a breath-taking experience on the Great Barrier Reef for non swimmers? Look no further than a scenic helicopter flight.

Soar like a bird across the single largest living organism of the world and feast your eyes on endless mosaics of cerulean and ultramarine. Be eclipsed by the grandeur of one of the seven wonders of the world and spot turtles, manta rays and even whales skimming across the waters surface.

Seawalker Helmet Diving

seawalker helmet diving is perfect for seeing the Great Barrier Reef for Non Swimmers. Wally the Maori Wrasse and a helmet diver on Sunlover Reef Cruises Moore Reef

Although it may be called 'Seawalker helmet diving', no swimming experience is necessary! If you can walk, you can Seawalk!

Helmet diving involves walking along a designated platform up to five metres underwater whilst wearing a helmet, meaning that you can breathe as normally. Our helmet diving platform is surrounded by an array of marine life and our Maori Wrasse Wally often likes to come and say hello to our Seawalkers.

Underwater Observatory

Sunlover Reef Cruises Great Barrier Reef Underwater Observatory

Our underwater observatory is like the worlds prettiest window. Located on the underneath of our Seawalker pontoon, our underwater observatory has tiered seating for you to sit, relax and get lost in the wonder of the Great Barrier Reef.

Hold Onto The Edge of The Marine Base

wally the maori wrasse and fish off moore reef pontoon sunlover reef cruises

With our stable Marine Base, swimmers of all abilities can feel safe and secure snorkelling The Great Barrier Reef. If you have never swam before, simply put on a flotation device, mask and snorkel and hold onto the edge of the pontoon and look through your mask.

An abundance of yellow tail fusiliers tend to hang out at the edge our Moore Reef Marine Base and our resident Maori Wrasse Wally often enjoys giving snorkellers a performance here. You don't even have to swim away from our Marine Base to immerse yourself in our marine life!

Fish Feeding Presentation

sunlover reef cruises fish feeding presentation moore reef

Our fish feeding presentation ensures our colourful fish come right to the water's surface, meaning you can watch them right off the dry and staple Marine Base.

Marine Life Touch Tank

sunlover reef cruises great barrier reef for non swimmers touch tank

Although scuba diving may be the 'typical' way to get up close and personal with marine life, our Marine Life touch tank allows you to interact with marine life without a regulator or snorkel in sight.

Our qualified Marine Expertt will present a variety of Great Barrier Reef marine life, such as starfish or sea slugs and will invite our guests to gently touch these squishy creatures. Guests will also learn interesting facts about the animals presented.

All of these Great Barrier Reef activities are available on our Moore Reef Full Day tour. Glass bottom boat, semi-sub, snorkel equipment, fish feeding & underwater observatory are included in cruise price!

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